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Custom Picture Framing

Frame samples in showroom

Sometimes your fine art requires simple and understated custom picture framing, and sometimes it requires bold designs. Our custom picture framing experts will help you make the right framing decision.

We are experienced at framing “plain” posters, oil and acrylic canvases, water colors, needle art, and memorabilia (in shadow boxes). If the situation requires, our custom picture framing experts know the required conservation or museum standards to apply to your art.

We have over 2,000 samples of frames to choose from, so the choices of frame and mat combinations are countless. We’ll help you pick what's right for you and your budget.

There’s more to framing than the frame.

Types of items we custom frame:

Diplomas, Jerseys, Watercolors, Pastels, Antique Maps, Puzzles, Needlepoint, Rugs, Door Knobs, Tiles, Tea Bags, Wedding Dresses, Lace Hankies, Doilies, Lithographs, Cibachromes, Kid Art, Buttons, Medals, Military Insignia, Military Uniforms, Scout Badges, Acrylics, Oil Paintings, Wax Resin Paintings, Dried Flowers, Postage Stamps, Rock Posters, Vintage Posters, Wedding Photos, Fine Art Photography, Limited Edition Prints, Business Reports, Signage, Mirrors, Corkboards, Chalk Boards, Dinosaur Fossils, X-Rays, Cow Bells, Bottle Caps and Corks, Historic Documents, Autographs, Baseball Cards, Newspaper Articles, Magazines, Books, Awards, Certificates, Travel Photos, Baptism and Communion Gowns and Memories, Baby Announcements, License Plates, Keys, Dog Collars, Locks of Hair, Vintage Toys, House Numbers, Car Engine Parts, Automobile Hubcaps, Actual Seat-Backs from Sports Arenas, Authentic Artificial Turf from Sports Fields, Musical Instruments, Insects, Ketubahs, Eye Glasses, Concert Tickets, Kimonos, Champagne Bottles, Quilts, Horseshoes, Firearms, Shadow Puppets, Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah Announcements, Double Sided Paintings, Letters, Shooting Targets, Random bits of Dry Wall, Memorable Wallpaper, Circuit Boards, Toy Cars, Calendars, Paintings by Elephants, Persian Carpets, Surgical Braces, Flat Screen TVs, Currency, Theater Programs, Intimate Apparel and much more.

1,000+ styles of wood and metal picture frames

  • Gold and Silver frames
  • Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut, Natural Burls, white-washed frames
  • Unique Finishes frames
  • Novelty, colorful frames
  • Annodized aluminum (metal) frames
  • Ornate frames
  • Vintage Finish frames

Glass Choices:

We offer six different choices of glass. Each choice has a variety of features to protect your art from natural and artificial light as well as enhance the appearance of your art.

Mounting Choices:

The most popular mounting process, dry mounting helps ensure a very flat, unwrinkled appearance of decorative art under the glass. Conservation mounting is available for more valuable works of art. This process ensures the longevity and resale value of your art. We'll help you decide which is best.

Mat Choices:

Mats create space between your art and the frame. Your finished piece appears larger and your art is more defined. Hundreds of colors of mats are available to accent and enhance your art. Fabric mats are available in suedes, linens, and silks. We furnish our customers with the highest quality mats that are acid-free, and as a result, protect your art for years of lasting beauty.


  • Picture Framing Design
  • Pick up / Delivery / Installation
  • Fast turnaround
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